Resignation Letter, Take 2 (The Real Deal)

December 28, 2009

Dear Stella,

The following is the letter I actually turned in to Hotel Bar. I’d love to take credit for writing it, but after various drafts ranging from 3 to 18 pages, Dawn stepped in and came up with this. Brilliant, right? Apparently, the letter “got around” at Hotel Bar. On my last night I asked Jim, one of the cooks, if he heard I was leaving. “Yup,” he said. “I read your letter.”

“You read my letter? How?” I pictured multiple copies floating around the halls of Hotel Bar landing on various surfaces—the front desk, the poultry prep counter, the two-top by the window—before a mysterious gust of wind carries them to their next destination.

“I saw it by accident,” he said, then paused. “It was awesome.”

I will admit it wasn’t easy turning the letter in. I was so entrenched in the psychological gamery of the place (one of the reasons I knew it was time to leave), that I was dreading handing the letter to Mean Manager because I was afraid she’d make me feel bad. So I gave six copies to HR and asked them to distribute the letter to everyone for me.

After I turned it in, something wonderful happened. I felt free! With a single act, I reclaimed my agency.

So I proudly present to you—the freedom fighting letter. Short, sweet, atomic.


Dear Managers X, Y, and Z,

I am writing to hereby submit my resignation to Hotel Bar. On those rare occasions when I was able to bartend (which is really what I do) and not cocktail waitress (a harder job for less money), I felt glimmers of hope that this might work out. Yet, on the whole, my experience has been one in which I have felt increasingly demoralized. I simply cannot thrive in an environment where the employees are never verbally appreciated, only verbally micromanaged in such a persistent and ongoing manner that I feel as if my every movement is registered, monitored, and critiqued, and I feel neither trusted nor respected.

Please let this letter serve as my official two weeks notice.

Thanks for the initial opportunity.




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