March 3, 2010

Dearest Stephanie,

Would you–or somebody…anybody!–please tell me what is with me and the smiley face? Why in God’s name do I feel compelled to insert a smiley face in any and all informal discourse? God, it’s so fucking saccharine sweet. It’s so fucking nauseating and tiresome. I mean, really!

I do not dream in Disney cartoon princess characters (but if I did, you’d be Snow White only instead of 7 dwarves it’d be 7 hot young guys, and I’d be Cinderella only without the fairy Godmother). I am not always cheerful and happy (just most of the time). Sometimes, people annoy me [usually they are either a) an authority figure who does not provide good leadership or b) a lecherous middle-aged male customer].

I am addicted to the mother fucking smiley face!





One Response to “:)”

  1. stephaniehop Says:

    Here’s what I think of your smiley faces, Stella. 🙂 Then again, I shit rainbows.

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