For those of you who clicked on this post hoping to keep, um, abreast of the latest porn, shame on you, dirty birds! We are ladies here! Or at least Stella is.

No, the humps I’m referring to aren’t the lovely lady kind.

In our “Hump Day Hustlers” series, we’ll highlight notable peeps with entrepreneurial spirits—some successful and some up-and-coming—who inspire us to do our own thing, despite all the ways The Man tries to keep us down!

Why did I tease you with such a title? Well, frankly, I love the word “hustle.” First, it reminds me of “whistle,” which feels good in my mouth and does what it says (go ahead, say it three times fast, I dare you).

Also, it makes me think of high school basketball (“C’mon, girls, hustle!”) and, of course, this fabulous dance:

We need your help finding Notable Hustlers! Who inspires you to rethink your world?

Please email your suggestions to me at or Stella at

Now get out there and hustle!


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