Stand Tall

July 20, 2010

Dearest Stephanie,

Now that’s a tall drink of water:

And so very pretty!

This is also a tall drink of water (less pretty though):

Here is pretty and tall:

Caro, 6'9"





My dearest Stephanie,

I’m not judging. I love Dunkin’ Donuts as much as the next cop. A fresh chocolate frosted with sprinkles? Donuts don’t get any btter than that (unless we’re talking a fresh-out-of-the-oven glazed from Krispy Kreme).

But anyway. Here is a picture of a cop car parked in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

You’re welcome.



Your daily absurdity

January 22, 2010

My dearest Stephanie,

This morning, I saw a police officer in a Dunkin’ Donuts. Isn’t that just the bestest?! I mean, it’s a cliche punch line come to life! What more can I ask as a harbinger that this will be a beautiful day?

I almost ran him over as I swerved into the parking lot at an accelerated pace. But my car has good breaks, so I turned a lemon into lemonade by stopping and letting him pass. I smiled at him innocently like I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and he bought it. He smiled and did a “thank you” wave. He was cute, too–blonde with a chiseled face.

I ended up behind him on line, and I was really disappointed that he didn’t purchase any actual donuts. Boo! He did, however, buy five coffees of varying types and sizes, I guess to bring back to his peeps at the station. Why do you suppose police officers prefer Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee over Starbucks’? There’s a Startucks about a quarter mile up the road. The paramedics always go to Starbucks.

To be honest, it kind of worried me that he didn’t buy any donuts. It seemed wrong, out of symmetry. My beautiful moment was slightly tarnished. It got me thinking about how earlier this morning another police officer almost caught me talking on my cell phone. I was driving down my street, and he was coming the other way. At first, I didn’t realize it was a police car because in my town they don’t have the big rack of lights on the hood. Pretty sneaky! But I saw the two-tone thing and dropped my phone into my lap. When our cars passed each other, the officer looked at me like he knew I’d just been Breaking the Law. But maybe that was just me.

Though I’ve not found myself on The Wrong Side of the Law, I have to admit: police officers make me nervous. Is it that they’re packing heat, do you think?