Hi. I’m Stephanie. I used to teach writing, then I left to follow my own writing dreams, and now . . . well, frankly, now I’m broke.

I’ve got a shiny Ph.D, a love of the absurd, and time on my hands.

And we all know time means—mischief! And oh, yes, existential crises galore.

But I’m optimistic. I see my situation as an opportunity to get to all those things I never got the chance to do while working full time:

-do laundry

-watch reruns of The OC and One Tree Hill on the SOAP channel and reflect on how long ago high school was

-wile away the afternoon while considering such important questions as: Who am I? Why am I here on this earth? What do I have to give?

In the face of potential self-pity and overwhelm, I have taken to laughing—at myself and others, and at the absurd job requirements I find myself faced with (my favorite: the requirement to “bend, squat, crouch, and shuffle” for the Mammal Curator position at the local zoo).

I do hope you’ll join me in laughing at me.

Feel free to drop me a line (or some cold hard cash, man) at:


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